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Simple yet effective. We've all had a day when the word to describe it is less than pleasant. A day that's turning out to be chaotic or depressing. Each word has an opposite. So here's the idea. A word will be posted. A positive word. A word you'd like to describe your day. Comment a synonym. For example. Calm - Relaxing - Peaceful. Or a short phrase such as "Laid back" or "Low stress level". Don't stress being extremely accurate either. Reply to these words in ways that relate to you and how you might need them. This is about stock piling different tools to improve your day. So the next time you have a day full of anxiety find a word here that you'd prefer and read through a few of the comments. Pick the words that stick out. However many you want. Spend the day repeating those words over and over in your head or under your breath. By the end of the day that anxiety just may turn around. I will also post quotes I've written and you can comment altered/shorter versions to use too!
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