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Have you ever wondered who you actually are? Are you tired of adhering to labels and categorizing yourself the way society dictates is “normal?” Do you suffer from the little voice in your head telling you you aren’t good enough, that you don’t deserve a great life or the love you receive? Do you want to start answering questions about your life that will lead you to make meaningful changes in your own unique journey? This is your group. First and foremost, negativity is not permitted in this space. We are here to uplift our peers and liberate each other from the prisons of our mind, which requires positive energy. We are here because deep down, we understand that we are not our true selves. We are not fulfilled, lack direction and are repressing an important part of ourselves. Whether it’s your light self or dark self, there is an unbalance that is limiting you. Come begin a journey uniquely yours with the support of others doing the same.
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