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Different from 'Bucket Lists', this community is about filling one another's own personal 'bucket'! 'Fill your Bucket' is an analogy that represents increasing positive feelings and emotions in your own life!! Please know that this in no way is meant to invalidate other feelings or emotions that might not be viewed as "positive" by those experiencing them individually. In this community, you will see posts from the Group Leader and occasionally others on things that fill our own bucket and maybe they will resonate with you as well! Anyone in the community is welcome to comment and/or even share their own post and include a picture if you'd like! It's just all about Bucket Fillers and spreading positivity to one another and having a resource for maybe finding some for one's individual life. Maybe what fills your own bucket fills that of others as well! Please join us if you'd like to take part! Nobody is required to share, comment, or post photos...it is fully optional!
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